Fee Schedule

As a small community oriented financial institution we have the ability to be flexible when making decisions and tailor our products, pricing and services to better meet the ever changing needs your business faces on a day-to-day basis. And because we’re right around the corner, we are always here for you and your business.

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Account Copies Statements $5.00 per copy
Cancelled Checks $3.00 per copy
All other copy requests $3.00 per copy
Account Research $25.00/min.; $25.00/hr
Check printing charges set by printer (see upon request)
Checking Account Monthly Maintenance1 $25.00
Coin Service varies (see upon request)
Currency Service varies (see upon request)
Early Account Closing (within 6 mos of opening) $50.00
Abandoned Account $50.00
Excess Transaction Fee2 $0.25
Inactive Account Fee (no share or loan account activity within an account for a period of 12 months or more; fee is charged per month to your Planning Savings Account) $5.00
Money Orders (per item) $1.00
Official Checks $5.00
Overdrawn Account (item paid on uncollected or insufficient funds) $25.00 per item
Return of item drawn on insufficient funds $25.00
Return of item drawn on uncollected funds $25.00
Returned Deposit item $20.00
Returned statement (bad address) $5.00
Special Collection Items $25.00
Stop payment requests $20.00
Temporary Check Issuance (4 to sheet) $5.00 per sheet
Verification of Deposit $10.00
Wire Transfers Outgoing Domestic Wires $25.00
Outgoing International Wires $35.00
Incoming Wires, Domestic or International Free
Andrews Federal & CO-OP ATMs ATM Transactions (inquiries, withdrawals, transfers, deposits) Free
ATM Overdrafts (Transaction with ATM/Check Card that overdraws account) $25.00
Replacement card (ATM/Check Cards) $10.00
  • 1Possibilities Checking - No monthly maintenance fee with average minimum balance of $100. Partnership Checking - No monthly maintenance fee with average minimum balance of $5,000.
  • 2Excess transaction fee applies per transaction above the monthly limit. For the Possibilities Checking, the monthly limit is 250 combined transactions; for the Partnership Checking, the limit is 500 combined transactions. “Combined Transactions” is the total number of deposits and withdrawals to your checking account in a month, including teller transactions, draft clearings, ACH transactions, wires, account transfers, check withdrawals, etc.