Mortgage Calculators

Adjustable Rate Mortgage
Determine what your adjustable mortgage payments will be.

ARM vs. Fixed Rate Mortgage  
Compare a fixed rate mortgage to a Fully Amortizing ARM.

Biweekly Mortgage Payment Calculator for an Existing Mortgage
View the possible savings by starting to pay your existing mortgage with biweekly payments, instead of monthly payments.

Blended Rate Mortgage
Determine the effective, or blended, interest rate you would pay if you use a first and a second mortgage to finance the purchase of a home.

Combination Mortgage
Compare one mortgage with combination financing that consist of a first and second mortgage.

Home Closing Cost
Estimate the total cost to purchase a home.

Mortgage Calculator with PMI
Determine your total monthly mortgage payment including and estimated amount for Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI).

Mortgage Tax Savings
Interest and points paid for a home mortgage are tax deductible. Use this calculator to determine how much your mortgage could save you in income taxes.

Reverse Mortgage
View how the outstanding balance of a reverse mortgage can rapidly grow over a period of time.

Seller Closing Cost
Estimate your closing costs and net proceeds from the sale of a home.