Telephone Banking

Telephone Banking gives you fast, easy and secure phone access to your Andrews Federal accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can get immediate access to a wide variety of Andrews Federal account-related information right over the phone in English and Spanish, including: 

  • Account Balances: Check the balances of all of your Andrews Federal accounts

  • Account History: Access account activity history from different accounts

  • Funds Transfer: Move funds from one account to another within the same member’s list of accounts or to another members’ account.

  • Internal Loan Payments: Schedule payments in addition to making a single one-time payment

  • Card services: Activate, block or re-order Debit and Credit cards. Report a lost or stolen ATM, Check Card or Credit Card

Q: What is my Account Number and PIN?
A: Your Account number is the same as your Member Number. Enter the account number when prompted, and then wait for the Access Code prompt before entering your Access Code.

Q: How do I change my Access Code (PIN)?
A: The first time you attempt to perform a transaction in Telephone Banking, you will be asked to enter your Access Code. After doing so, you will be immediately prompted to create a new Access Code. For security reasons, your Access Code will expire every 120 days and the reuse of Access Codes is not permitted.

  • MAIN MENU – Press 6 for More Options, then press 2 to change your Access Code.

Q: How do I get my account balance?
A: Balance information is available in the Account Balance option. For Savings and/or Checking accounts, it will provide the current and available balances. For Loans, it will provide balance and payment information.

  • MAIN MENU – Press 1 for Account Balances, then press the number corresponding to the account you wish to hear the balance for.