Online Banking

Online banking is easy, secure, and completely free.    

  • Transfer funds between accounts or between your Andrews Federal account and your accounts at other banks or credit unions for free
  • Pay your bills and loans (including credit cards) automatically and get free e-bills
  • View recent activity, transactions, and eStatements
  • Integrate personal financial management program such as Quicken®
  • Open new Money Market, Share Certificate, or Club Share accounts
  • Place check stop payments for free
  • Change your statement preference.  There is a $5 monthly fee for paper statements.  eStatements are free.
  • Manage your money with My Finance
  • View your FICO® Score

Online Banking Enrollment

Ready to enroll?  Here's how:

  1. Enter your 9-digit member number in the online banking login box at the top of the page,
  2. At the login screen, click on “Not a user? Click here to apply”,
  3. Read the disclosure and click “I Agree”,
  4. Enter your verification information:
    • Social Security Number
    • Account Number
    • Email address on file
  1. Enter your personal information:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)
  1. And verify your email address and follow the remaining steps.

Q: How secure is my personal information?
A: The online banking site uses 128-bit encryption which ensures unauthorized individuals cannot view your personal information. Access is also protected by ensuring only you know your online bankingID and password. The security questions you set up, along with your callback number, provide additional account security.

Q: I keep getting kicked out of online banking after I’ve logged in. What’s wrong?
A: Online banking logs automatically logs you out after 10 minutes of inactivity. Make sure you disable pop-up blocker on your browser to see the inactivity warning prior to being logged out.

Q: How to reset a password?
A: The password reset option must be selected from online banking in order to request an email with instructions to reset your password.  If the account is frozen, the credit union must be contacted to unfreeze the account. 

Q: How do I transfer to or from another financial institution (FI)?
A: Click on "Other Institution Transfers" and follow the prompts to enroll. 

Q: What is the Share ID and when it is used?
A: The Share ID is a 4 digit number that is used to identify the type of account.  The share IDs may differ based on the account types for each member as shown on your statement.

For example: Savings: 0000 or Checking: 0040

When transferring funds to another member’s account the share ID that is to receive the funds is required to be entered.

Q:  I live in Europe and I’m having trouble with entering my bill pay information in Bill Pay.
A:  Members with a true international address are currently not permitted to connect to bill payment services unless the bill payee address is in the United States. This is typical of bill payment companies.  Learn more about Euro Bill Pay as an option.

Should you still have questions, give us a call at 800.487.5500 (U.S.) or 0800.487.56267 (outside U.S.). We’re here to help you.


  • Account Alerts: Receive alerts via SMS text, email, or messaging to keep you informed of your account activity.
  • Debit Card Security: "Freeze" your debit card to prevent future authorizations in Options & Extras.
  • E-statements: Securely view your electronic statements online and avoid the monthly $5 fee.

Move Money

  • Transfer Funds: Transfer funds between accounts or your other credit unions and banks.
  • Bill Pay: Pay bills in online banking or our Mobile App or make Person-to-Person payments for free.
  • Stop Payments: Stop payment on a check for free.

And more

  • Visa Credit Cards: Access your credit card information, transfer balances, redeem rewards, and more.
  • Transaction History: View activity history on all accessible Andrews Federal accounts.
  • Transaction Downloads: Download your account transactions to specific budget and accounting software.
  • Set a New Travel Notification: Submit a credit or debit Travel Notification.

Travel with Confidence

Whether you are traveling this holiday season to visit family, or on a last minute business trip, you can get an added layer of protection for your Andrews Federal credit or debit card with new Travel Notifications in Online Banking.

Why Set a New Travel Notification?

Credit and debit card travel notifications are a smart idea and let us know your travel plans this busy holiday season.  This helps us prevent your card from being suspended due to unusual activity while you are traveling.

How to Set a New Travel Notification

  1. Log into Online Banking and click on the new airplane icon next to your name on your landing page. 
  2. Select your destination, dates, update your contact information, and choose which cards will be travelling with you.

Travel Notifications are processed during business hours.  If you set a notification after business hours, it will be processed the next business day.  Once it has been processed, your notification status will be updated to "Processed".