Bill Pay

Whomever or whatever you have to pay; Bill Pay can take care of it for you. Set up recurring, monthly payments, or make payments anytime. Bill Pay is simple, quick and free for any member with a checking account. 

How to Enroll:

  1. Log into online banking and click on the Bill Pay tab.  If you are not enrolled in online banking, sign up today!
  2. Choose your “Pay From” account to use for your payments, then click “Continue”.
  3. Get started by entering your email address.
  4. Congratulations!  You can start using Bill Pay right away.

Bill Pay in the Mobile App

  • Easily schedule payments and view payment history
  • Add new payees, individuals or businesses
  • Get E-Bill notifications

New E-Bills Available in our Mobile App

It's even easier now to stay on top of your bills with new E-Bills in our Mobile App. When your E-Bill is ready for payment, it will appear under the Bill Pay tab in the Mobile App as well as within Bill Pay in Online Banking. You will be able to view a summary of the unpaid E-Bill, including the due date and minimum payment amount, and to pay the bill directly.

What is an E-Bill?

An E-Bill is an electronic version of your paper bill that is delivered by your payee, i.e. gas or utility company, into your online Bill Pay account. E-Bills can help save you time and streamline your bill paying process.

How to Set Up an E-Bill in Online Banking

  1. Log into Online Banking and click on the Bill Pay tab.
  2. Select your Payee under E-Bill Connect.
  3. Enter your UserID, Password and Account Type.

E-Bills can be set up in Online Banking under the Bill Pay tab using a desktop computer or laptop at this time only.

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EBills Now Available

EBills Now Available

Bill Pay Key Features

  • Single One-Time Payments: Schedule payments to be paid one time
  • Person-to-Person Payments: Pay back a friend by sending a payment to their email address!
  • Recurring Payments: Schedule payments to be paid on a recurring basis
  • Payments Calendar: View a “snap shot” of an entire month of bill payment activity. View previous and future months as well.
  • e-Notifications: Monitor activity and assist with detecting fraud on your Bill Pay account. Notifications can be sent via email, text message, or both.
  • Live Chat: Ask your questions in a live chat environment and get immediate assistance, or call Bill Pay Support at 866.636.4962.

Bill Pay FAQs

  • What browsers can I use while paying my bills?

    The following browsers are supported by bill pay for use:

    •Internet Explorer version 8 and above

    •Firefox version 24 and above

    •Safari version 5 and above for Mac

    •Google Chrome version 31 and above

  • Can I add another pay from account?

    A Pay From account can be added by accessing “My Account” and clicking the “Add Account” link located in the pay from account section.

  • How do I edit pay from account information?

    A Pay From account can be edited by accessing “My Account”, clicking the “View Account” link and clicking “edit” next to the pay from account.

  • How do I set up recurring payments?

    To set up a recurring payment, click the “make it recurring” link located in the “Action” column of your payee on the payment page. Enter the amount; select the pay from account and the frequency you want your payments to be automatically scheduled.

  • How do I set-up a person-to-person payment?

    When adding payee, choose the “pay an individual” option. Whether you have their deposit account information or not, there are options readily available to send your payment.