Visa® Account Updater

Life just got a little easier!

Has your Andrews Federal VISA® Credit Card or Debit Card ever been lost, stolen or reissued? The process of having to contact multiple merchants and switch over multiple recurring payments can be a hassle. The Visa Account Updater Service is a great way to help you prevent decline of recurring payments due to changes in card information.

How It Works

The Visa Account Updater Service automatically updates your Andrews Federal Visa® Debit or Credit card information on file with participating merchants for recurring payments when your card is  lost, stolen, replaced or expired.

All Andrews Federal Visa® Debit and Credit cards are automatically enrolled in this service, which requires no action on your part. However, it is important to know that this service does not relieve you of your obligation to ensure merchants have your correct card information on file for recurring payments. Not all merchants participate in this program.

  • How Does Visa Account Updater Work?

    When your card’s expiration date or card number changes (if the original card is lost/stolen or reissued for any reason), Visa® will communicate your new card information directly to participating merchants you have authorized to charge your card.  Visa Account Updater (VAU) only applies to recurring Visa ® Debit and Credit card payments, and updates are only sent to qualified participating merchants.

  • Is There a Fee for Visa Account Updater?

    No, VAU is a free service!

  • How Do I Cancel the Visa Account Updater Service?

    VAU is provided as a no-cost benefit to Andrews Federal Visa® Debit and Credit cardholders. If at any time you wish to opt out of VAU or if you have questions regarding the service, please contact us at 301.702.5500, 800.702.5500 or 00800.487.56267 Outside U.S.

  • How Do I Know if A Merchant Participates?

    We recommend contacting the merchant directly.